Duck DNS or DDNS?

Hi there, new to all this, first general question, following a guide on Youtube(you already know), they setup Duck DNS, but if my router has DDNS will this be the same? or better?

personally, I’d recommend using what your router has available for DDNS service. It’ll make things easier in the long run.

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My router also has ddns and I am happy with it. Everything is done automatically. One thing to note, there is a mail each month, to continue using the free service you have to click a captcha. I don’t know how it is with duckdns. Also i like the name better with ddns.

There are no ongoing shenanigans with duckdns. Once youre signed up thats it ! No annoying emails or captchas to fill in.

Check the duck dns website. There may be setup instructions for your particular router despite there being no specific setting for it in the routers UI.

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