DuckDNS Addon 1.15.0 accepts no domain at installation

Hi, my name is Michael and i am a new bee to HA.
The Duck DNS Addon is not accepting any domain names.

Delete the empty domain and if that does not do the trick use edit in YAML.




Don forget to change the accept_terms from false to true

When i use Yaml i get this answer:
Failed to save add-on configuration, Invalid list for option ‘domains’ in Duck DNS (core_duckdns). Got {‘domains’: ‘’, ‘token’: ‘dhdhdhddhdhdhdh’, ‘aliases’: [], ‘lets_encrypt’: {‘accept_terms’: True, ‘algo’: ‘secp384r1’, ‘certfile’: ‘fullchain.pem’, ‘keyfile’: ‘privkey.pem’}, ‘seconds’: 300}

did you delete the empty domain?

Yes, i did.

I just had the same issues. You need to make it a list like this.


Thank you, it works.
wow this is … undocumented

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