DuckDNS alternative

Hi all, similar to the DuckDNS addon, I’ve created a quick addon for freeDNS.
The addon takes the token, which you can get from the Update page (v2)

If you’re not using v2 yet, you need to enable it first, by selecting the entry from the list, and clicking apply after selecting the Enable option in the dropdown. The token is the part after the default part of the url (e.g.:, XXXXXXX is my token)

EDIT: FreeDNS is a free service, just like DuckDNS, but FreeDNS has a lot more subdomains to choose from, if you rather not need to refer to a duck :duck: when opening your interface, you can use any other listed there, like or

EDIT 2: Apparently it’s very useful to include the link to the repo itself:


how do you set this up in

One warning though: I have a mooo (just three o’s) domain there, and almost always get Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for: when refreshing the Letsencrypt certificates. So when deciding which domain to use it’s probably better to use something that’s not too popular.

Following this tutorial:
You can add the addon itself into hassIO, the configuration is basically the same as the DuckDNS config, without the domains part.

Oh ok, good to know, I didn’t know this, I’ve been using a domain for about 2 years now without any issues.
I’ll add a readme file to the repo, informing users about this.

Just an additional info for completeness:
This site helps to give a quick overview certificates in conjunction with a specific domain:
With there obviously are a lot of people / bots getting their certificates from LE, and since Let’s Encrypt has rate-limits of 20 certificates per domain per week, popular domains are quickly unavailable.

is it possible to use noip instead?
I have always used noip for my HA, and want to do it to as well

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I am not familiar with noip, but it won’t be possible with this addon.
If they have a short piece of code that needs to be executed, or an API/URL to be called, then it certainly could work, given somebody writes an addon for it

What should I do? I have already registered freedns

Dear @tmatheussen,
what is the repository address that we have to use? I even searched github for this but found nothing.

I forgot to include the addon address :stuck_out_tongue:
The repo is located here.

As for the setup, you need to get the token from the FreeDNS site itself (as described in the first post)


I have just posted my addon which uses Inadyn and allows using most any ddns provider (freedns included). Might be of use to others looking for ddns support.

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