Duckdns Certificate Not Trusted Expired

I lost access to my Home Assistant running on Rasberry Pi 4 via Duckdns.

Accessing on my iPad.
I get a message the “This Connection in Not Private”
Looking at the certificate I got a message issued by Let’s Encrypt X3.
“Not Trusted” Expired on 2021-02-25, 11:49:44"

I need help to find out how to I reactivate a trusted connection.

This is exactly my problem. I never ask let’s encrypt for a certificate.
I believe that this was included in the the integration of DuckDns.
I am looking for a way to get or refresh this certificate.

The duckdns addon should automatically renew the certificate

Most likely, it was initiated when I integrate DuckDns.
The message say the validity period was from 2020-11-27,11:49:44 and not valid after 2021-02-25,11:49:44.
Does DuckDns work only for a limited period of time?
I am sure that there are many more persons who uses DuckDns with Home Assistant.

Like I said the addon should automatically renew the certificate…

Thousands probably

Sorry for the bad confusion that I created by using the wrong terminology.
I am using DuckDns Add-Ons.

Thank you Mark, resolved.
My config “accept_terms” was set to false. I change it to true. And I can now access Home Assistant Remotely.


basically what you did is allowing the script to renew your certificate. LetsEncrypt will need renew every 3 months, that is why you got expired certs since the script trying to renew but without your consent to accept the terms.

I have the same problem, my certificate is expired
I use duckdns addon too
how do i renew this?