DuckDNS etc. not possible without Public IP?

Hey everybody! I am fairly new to Home Assistant and successfully set up on a RasPi and connected some lights/music…
I want to reach the Pi from the outside to get the Google Home Add On etc., but here I’m running into a problem: My internet provider does not provide me with a public IP. In the building where I live I get the Internet connection directly and thus can’t port forward from the outside.
Any ideas what I could do?


It’s still possible though likely complicated. A few ideas.

  1. Setup a tunnel/proxy to someone who has an IP.
  2. Get a VPN provider that gives out a public IP.

You might also see if there is a hassio addon for tor

Thx for the advice, there is a tor addon and I got it running, however having an .onion link does not help me with getting a public IP that I can use for Google Home Integration / IFTTT?

If it connects back to your home assistant instance, it doesn’t matter if you have ‘a public IP’ or not

True, it does give me a channel back into the RasPi and that works, but what I meant is that I can only use an .onion link with Tor browser?
Maybe I just didn’t understand this correctly but in order to control the assistant I need a URL or IP as IFTTT or the Google Home API won’t be able to work with a .onion link?

Thanks for your help!
(The VPN/tunnel thing usually involves getting a provider and paying a monthly fee so I’m trying to do this locally…)

isn’t the .onion link a URL?

Without a tor2web service it is not accesible as far as I know. And those tools are not really safe to use as all nodes will be able to see my IP beeing routed through…

Sounds like you are stuck paying some money and setting up a VPN or a VPS and VPN combo. If you can’t control your public IP, or your port forwards, then nothing else will work for you.

Ok I’m gonna stick here to not messy crosspost, sry…
Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

So if I set up a VPN at a friends place with a public IP then I will only need a VPN client on Hassio to connect to it, correct? Would then a connection to the public IP tunnel through to the RasPi with Hassio? Do you have any advice on setting up the client, I couldn’t find any ressources on how to do that with Hassio.



I don’t think anyone has created a client add-on yet.