DuckDNS + Let's Encrypt penetration scan events

I’ve opened up port 443 to allow DuckDNS to get to my internal Home Assistant at port 8123 (i.e. i used the default ports)

My network is secure in the sense that Let’s Encrypt is doing it’s job and I am running IPS on my router.

What do you all see as an attack attempt rate?

Here’s what it looks like here over the last few days:

Should I move off of port 443 to a less frequently scanned, less popular port number? Does it really matter? What the downside of changing the external port number?

edit: I’ll give a little obscurity a try: where wxyz is a “random” 4-digit port number, not on the list of “common” ports.

edit-2: I have not seen any intrusion alerts in the last 5 days.