Duckdns & LetsEncrypt - external access issues

I’ve been using the docker image combined with letsEncrypt and duckdns for at least 18 months at this point but tonight my server is no longer externally accessible.

It doesnt appear to be an issue with my ip or with letsEncrypt. I have portainer and audiobookshelf accessible through letsEncrypt as well and they are functioning fine

I force https for all three services and the certificate is still valid. the only error message I get in the debug console is
403 forbidden - GET wss://ha.[mydomain]

I’ve tried rebooting the container host as well as restarting all the relevant containers. Any ideas?


Accessible through your DuckDNS hostname, or…?

Yes, sorry, that was poorly worded.

Are both working as expected. So the issue doesn’t seem to be related to my IP or the ssl certificates since all 3 subdomains utilize the same cert renewal process and IP.

Are you using a (reverse) proxy server, or are there separate port forwards for each?

I’m relying on the Swag-letsencrypt container as my reverse proxy.

I ended up updating my swag-letsencrypt container and rebuilding my proxy-site config for HomeAssistant and that did the trick.