added to at least one malware-blocking filter list

So, this morning, I couldn’t access any of my self-hosted sites and went down a rabbit hole before finding the cause. I’ll cut to the chance for your benefit:

I run AdGuard Home as a local DNS server to filter out ads from websites. I’m sure many of you run it or PiHole. One of the curated lists that I was using to filter out content has been updated yesterday to include Because All my domains are based on my DuckDns record, all of my domains were getting blocked.

Here’s the list I was using:

And here’s the commit that ruined my morning :slight_smile:

That is bad. Any way to complain ? They should not add all duckdns domains.

I suppose you could open an issue on their GitHub page. I just added an explicit whitelist for all my domains, but I guess we could be more proactive about it.