Duckdns port 443 issue

I just got my duckdns and lets-encrypt to work after many months but now have a issue where if i use port 443 to then be directed to 8123, it causes me to not access any site like going to the main site for home assistant. Chrome shows an error saying that your in danger and should not visit the site. Is there a simple way of changing the port 443 which i know is used for the S in https? To add i know that my router which is a mikrotik uses port 443 for ssl, how would i then change the port 443?

Same thing here–frustrating not to see any official acknowledgment of this issue.

Are you sure you have external port 443 forwarded to internal port 8123? The forwarding should only work if you access your domain via https and should have no effect on general web browsing on other https sites… Sounds like you have something configured incorrectly to me.

yes if i have the port 443 to 8123 it then causes issues with normal web browsing but it does work tho i can access my home assistant with but i can still access it if i dont use 443 but instead use 8123 to 8123 but then i now just have to put

That cannot possibly be true. If you forward port 443 to port 8123, it only affects traffic coming in to your LAN from the internet, not outgoing traffic.

i wish it was not true but it is. i use google chrome as a browser. Too add google chrome says your connection is not private, then when clicking on advanced it wont allow me to proceed but i know i can turn this off. i feel like i shouldn’t need to tho.

Oh well, why not forward port 8123 to home assistant, instead of 443?