Duckdns problems with SSL only

Hi everyone

I unfortunately had a bad config which meant I had to rebuild my home assistant from the ground up.

I can’t really remember what I did to get home assistant working over the internet but I recall it’s a prerequisite to try it working with Alexa.

In any case, I have added duckdns and setup as normal.

I can access my home assistant through 8123 when I open a random port on Google WiFi and forward to that say 567 but I can’t access it using a HTTPS address when I direct 443 to 8123.

And everything seems to be ok from the log:

  • Challenge is valid!
  • Cleaning challenge tokens…
    OK + Requesting certificate…
  • Checking certificate…
  • Done!
  • Creating fullchain.pem…
  • Done!
    [07:09:44] INFO: OK

From my routers perspective I’ve opened up dmz that points to my Google WiFi so that Google handles the port forwarding and Google WiFi looks like this

Could anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

I’d ideally like SSL but I guess I could proceed without it albeit it’s more exposed them I’d like…

Thanks for your help