Duckdns Randomly Breaks

Okay I’m actually at my wits end with this. I’ve gone my HA instance running as a VM on Proxmox, and for the most part runs perfectly fine. However at any random moment in time I’ll completely lose all connect to just HA, everything else running on my hypervisor and network is fine. Oddly even my local devices like smart switches running through MQTT and what not still function. Which tells me the HA is still running just fine.

So during these times, the only way I can get into my HA instance is by connecting to it with the local ip on a web browser, but I have to clear all cookies and site data. Then I’m told that the connecting is not secure and have to allow the risk. The android app likes to tell the the ssh certificate is invalid if I use the internal connection, and simply just won’t connect at all if I use the external duckdns connection.

All this information leads me to think that my duckdns and let’s encrypt install has broken somehow. I can get it all back up if I do a complete uninstall of the addon and the configuration.ymal info. Restart HA, then install the addon from scratch. Doing this is become a huge chore though, and sometimes this isn’t possible if I’m not at home.

Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on, before I take this damn thing to a shredder…

There are many threads about DuckDNS where it doesn’t function properly, maybe you should move to another DynDNS provider.
I use dynv6 and have no problems for about 2 years. I made a little role up how to update the service with pure home assistant.
Have a look here:

For the ssl certificate i use nginx, ssl for external und non-ssl for the internal network. That way you get rid of the warning when you connect to local ip.