DuckDNS settup for Cell Modem (Mobile Hot Spot)

I have a cellular modem for internet service where I live… it’s my only option. I also have a wiif router connected to this modem along with my RPI and a couple of Sonoffs. Everything is on the same local network.

Now that I have my base system with HA running, I would like to get DuckDNS running but, I’m having loads of trouble. Basically, I’m unable to access my home network using DuckDNS and I don’t have any errors reported in HA.

Has anyone else had problems using Cell Modem / DuckDNS? Are there any special configurations required?

Search in this forum for “LTE”.

i has find but dont have good infomation,can you gave me some link

Does the mobile provider give you a real IP address or does it use CGNAT? Most mobile providers do use CGNAT and duckdns won’t work on that. Do they give you a real IPv6 address?

Do you have another method working with CGNAT ?
Please help me

There is no solution with CGNAT except IPv6. You could take a look at the new ZeroTier addon in the community repo but I have not got that working yet.

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can i use OpenVPN in this ?