Duckdns Update

I need help about update problem with the new version of Duckdns.
After update to the last version 1.12 I’ve the following message error :

20-05-24 13:08:18 ERROR (SyncWorker_11) [supervisor.docker] Can’t start addon_core_duckdns: 403 Client Error: Forbidden (“endpoint with name addon_core_duckdns already exists in network hassio”)

The duckdns does not start.
Any ideas on how to fix it?
Tanks in advance for your help.

you have another duckdns instance running.
uninstall duckdns completely and try again

How can uninstall duckdns completely? I tried to uninstall it from the Addons dashboard but without success. I installed ducksns again but I have the same problem.
Grazie juan for your replay.

have you got portainer installed?
if not install portainer. once is running you’ll be able to see the duckdns docker.
you can then remove it with portainer

no I have no portrainer installed I try and let you know. thanks for the advice.

i dont use hassos, but I think portainer is in the addon store.
just install it and you’ll be able to see all your addons/dockers.