DuckDNS With Multiple WANS

Anyone have a similar setup with multiple WANS? I live way-out there and with three WANS I can sustain a whopping 60Mbps speed.

HA has a static IP on the network; I could setup a rule in the load-balancer to funnel through only 1 WAN (?). Any suggestions from the community?


I actually have multiple WAN’s but in failover mode through mwan3.

Not sure what’s your question, really.
DuckDNS will only allow 1 IP (afaik). Assuming you use a site like to get your public address, it will be the one of the WAN having the greater priority at that time.
Your LB router will make the forwarding, I guess

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Yeah, my question was probably confusing, sorry.

I was approaching this backward; the WAN I link will always point to the load balancer which should provide a straight path to HA regardless. Needed to sleep on that one I guess. Thanks for responding.