Ducted Heating - Advantage Air Zone 10 controller

So, background. When our house was built we were going to have installed an Advantage Air Zone 10 system, but instead the installer changed mid-way (claiming they had too many issues - although later I found out that Advantage Air had banned them from installing the product due to poor quality installs, which we discovered to our annoyance when we found they installed an indoor heater outdoors on top of the roof… but that’s a whole different topic) and installed a Brivis system. We still ended up with Advantage Air wall mounted thermostat controls that could open/close the zones (http://www.qualityac.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/advantage-air-zone-10-ducted-air-conditioning-controller.jpg) as no doubt they had already bought them. Trouble is, these things are not linked into the Brivis system so any zoning has to be manual ie I have to walk around the house turning zones on or off. Not ideal. I pulled one off the wall, and found that it is a custom built board with an ethernet cable going into it - but I deeply suspect it goes straight to the damper rather to any central control system. Pressing on “service advanced” does nothing, so all I can do is set the temperature (that the damper opens/closes) or manually open/close the damper.

The question is - does anyone have any experience with this sort of controller? I was thinking/hoping that I might be able to open/close the damper (replacing the wall controller with an arduino/esp8266) simply by shorting two of the wires - I just don’t know which ones, and don’t want to blow anything up! :slight_smile:

update Have discovered that what has been installed is an Advantage Air VAV-T (Variable Air Volume) system. The good news is this likely means that the dampers are fairly clever (set the temperature to nn degrees and the unit will reverse open/close depending on the temperature detected in the duct so automatically adjusts if heating or cooling is happening). The bad news is I suspect it may require more than just shorting some pins…