Dumb and smart dimmer - best user acceptance factor

I’m looking for a 2 button (or more), 1 relay (or more) esp32 device basically.

I would like to be able to send commands to smart lights and if the connection fail for whatever reason use the relay to turn the circuit on/off. Also very preferably if it would not use microswitches as I have got some tuya, sonoff m5 and aqara E1 to try out and it does not alway register click, even though it does physically click.
I don’t care whether it is usa or eu format.

I’m looking for ESP solution as in ESPhome I can set up rules to make it behave like I want to.

If it would be actually dimmer and not relay or relay that does not make clicking sound that would be nice.

Dimming can be touch controlled, but on/off needs to be clicky click like dum switch
if EU format 4 button (or more), 2 relay (or more) is much prefered.