"Dumb" Dimmer detection

I am already aware of smart relays which can detect a “dumb” light switch and toggle the relay based on it’s state. I am wondering if there’s any way to wire up a traditional dimmer switch to two ESPHome GPIO pins (I have nodemcu boards I’m using for testing) and report the level of the dimmer as a percentage, as I can’t find any smart relays that do this online.

If you know of a way to do this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Just swap the dumb dimmer out for a smart one.

You could use a rotary encoder, which only uses 2 IO pins, can be directly connected to a NodeMCU with ESPHOME and is relative, which means it returns “increase/decrease” events which can be used to control a smart, dimmable light. It also has an integrated button, which can be programmed as a toggle for the light.

It could even be put into a similar, if not the same case as the original dimmer switch, so you can control the light from the “new” dimmer, from HA and with automations