Dumb question about HA and devices/entities

Are there sensors out there that talk directly with HA that does not need a hub like insteon/wyze/harmony? be cool if i could by a door sensor and not need anything else to communicate between them.

Shelly uses Wifi as does sonoff. You still need integrations for HA to talk to them. Same for z-wave and zigbee. Even when matter is out there will still need to be an integration or add-on that communicates with the device.

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There are wifi door window sensors from Shelly. They are not as quick to respond as Zwave / Zigbee sensors as wifi is power hungry and takes longer to get to connect when the device wakes up from power saving sleep.

Shelly motion sensors are amazing. Rechargeable and Respond as fast or faster than my z-wave motion sensors. I do not have shelly door window sensors yet so I cannot comment on the speed. I have Shelly 1, PM, EM, 2.5 and they are just as fast as z-wave but they are all mains powered.

Just my experience. YMMV

I had an early version of the Shelly contact sensor, it took about 10 seconds to react,

Things seem to have improved since then (see later posts in that topic) but I moved on to Zigbee sensors that are indistinguishable from instantaneous.

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do you think wifi interference my play a factor? in speed?

Could depending on your situation such as if you have VOIP or POTS line with 2.4 gHz phones or baby monitors etc. Wifi and zigbee together could cause problems but from what I have read they do OK together. I have not seen interference with wifi and z-wave - and you wouldn’t expect as the frequencies are very different. Only interference I have seen is between the z-wave dongle and the computer. A USB extension cord fixes this.

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Yeah I avoided zigbee for ages since I have three wifi access points in my house covering the entire wifi band (Wifi Ch 1, 6, 11). Though I only use the 2.4GHz channels for IoT devices which have pretty short packets and low data rates.

I shouldn’t have worried. They both operate fine together using zigbee Ch 11. Zigbee channels 15, 20, 25 or 26 may be better choices (in increasing order of “betterness”) but ch 26 is not supported by many zigbee devices.

There may be some retransmission due to interference but it is not noticeable.

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