Dumb question from new guy

Hello – I am new to HA, and have a likely very dumb question about how it all works. So here it goes…

I have a home network with a wireless access point (WAP), and several Apple HomeKit compatible light switches. If I install HA in a Raspberry Pi, or some other dedicated server, and connect it to my LAN via an ethernet wire, how does HA communiate with my switches ? Does it do it via my WAP ? or do I need to add a WiFi to the RP or server ?

…told you dumb question…

Nothing dumb about this question.

Try reading this for a start… :wink:

If your Wifi and your wired LAN are both managed by the same router and same IP range, it will work fine.

It’s actually a good question

A very basic way to explain it is HA as your mobile phone, and Apple homekit as an app on your phone.

Lan is best for PI4, it has wifi built-in but is disabled by default, I think.

HA will also allow you to add more “apps” without the need for so many different bridges to communicate from one companies device to another companies device. For example, a Flic 2 button to start your Ford car, or your homekit switches to turn your Ikea lights on or off.

Thank You much to Both for the feedback !!

… a bit more explanation of where I am in all this – I have found about HA very recently, and while I am not anywhere near set-up yet, I am trying to learn about it so I can figure out if it will do what I want/need. I have seen the HA-Blue and HA-Yellow hardware kits, and also understand that HA will run on any x86 computer, either natively (like in a RPi), or as a VM on a server machine…?

So now I know that the HA server will find my WAP (same VLAN/LAN) and communicate with my switches/sensors via the WAP. Have always wondered how HomeKit reaches my switches, is it directly via the WiFi in my iPad, or iPad Wifi → LAN via WAP → WAP to switches…

OK, I’ve read the suggested docs, and being brand spanking new to HA several questions came up, hope you do not mind I ask… I understood the difference between HomeKit Controller, and HomeKit Integration

a) Since I currently use Apple’s HomeKit app via my iPhone/iPad, I assume that to migrate to HA I will first have to go to HomeKit and delete all switches/sensors/scenes; and then implement all again in HA ? Otherwise, I suppose that there is no problem if I leave the HomeKit automation on, as the switches will get commands from both HomeKit and HomeAssistant …?

b) The document on Homekit Integration suggested above states that a FIrewall (which I have - pfSense) be set up to have open ports 5353-UDP and 21063-TCP. I assume that is access to the WAN, and wondering why this is needed ? Why does HA need to reach out to the internet for HomeKit, and what resources is it reaching out to ? Sorry to be seemingly paranoid, but after repeated hacking via my QNAP NAS apps, I am a bit of a Firewall control freak.

c) I also see, that the “Supported Components” list includes home alarms – which is AWESOME, as I have a DSC alarm system that I would love to integrate with HA. Lookks like I have a bit oif work to do to get it all together.

Finally, one automation that HomeKit does not have that I often wished for was ramdom switch on/off within a specified time window (say between sundown and 11pm). This would be very useful when away from home, to make it look like the house is still inhabited, even though no-one is currently there – not sure if this can be implemented with HA ?

Many Thanks again !

…one thing I forgot to ask… currently my HomeKit switches have random IP addresses assigned via DHCP by my router/firewall…

Will I have to make the IPs “fixed” to work best with HA ?

It as always best for Iot devices to have a ‘fixed’ IP address.

There are some examples on the forum.

Many Thanks Francis; good to know about using fixed IPs, and thanks for the pointer to the random events. I will look that up.

Still wonder about opening the firewall ports…


Thank you TJP. The process in the video is more than a bit over my head for now, but definitely something that looks quite useful !