DUMB QUESTION : How to make a "OR" statement

Hello there. I I’m 3 days old on the hole home assistant stuff. So far I always got my way around with all the hiccups with a couple of google search.

I am 2 days old with node-red. So sorry if this is an obvious questions.
If you look at my Flow, what i want is that after it Turns On Rabbit air, the first instance to come first (the 5 sec OR the wait lights off) turns off the RabbitAir.

The way it is right now the delay works and stops the rabbit air, but the wait until is still active and as soon as I turn off light it send the switch toggle again.

I have no choice to use the switch toggle since my RabbitAir device doesn’t have a ON/OFF state, I can just toggle it.

Thanks in advance.

Resolved: just added a timeout to the Wait until.

But I stil lhave a question. This time it worked because the “OR” statement that I needed was a time.
But how to do a “OR” statement if it wasn’t time? Let’s say another state of another device?

Like the first one to happen.


Have you tried a switch node?

No so sure how the switch node works…

If I want a state of entity to trigger the switch…


as always with NodeRed there are several different ways to achieve the same result. I would probably just employ a traffic light node in your case. If the “TurnOff” was fired once, it will also set the traffic light to red, not allowing another “off” through the flow. When you turn it on, you can set the light to green.

Or, to make it more sophisticated you could try to write your own logic. When you toggle the device, save the state and therefor enable you to specifically turn it on / off with a specific message. This could go out of sync though if you turn it on or off outside of HomeAssistant pretty quick. Maybe there could be a different way to measure if its on or off? via PowerConsumption?

Side question to the OP. How did you integrate w/ your RabbitAir? I just got one for the lounge for cigars, and was hoping to integrate it with my HA. I got the wifi model hoping it would be something i could control remotely without there horrible app.

I have the model before they integrated the WiFi.

I integrated into my harmony and controlling trough the harmony integration in Home Assistant.

Don’t know if someone made some sort of integration for the wifi unit.

Did you find a solution for this? Just got a Wifi unit as well and looking to integrate. Maybe through the Alexa plugin and HACS?

The only idea I could find, was to build something like an IR blaster on a nodemcu with MQTT or something already on it. I never got the time to implement that, so afraid there are no easy solutions as of yet. It would be nice to set up the app on an emulator and try and see if there was a way to back into the commands, and see if it was direct comms to the unit, but just haven’t had the time for that.