Dummy sensor/switch to sync events between homekit and home-assistant

Hello everybody,
I am fairly new to home-assistant so I apologize if this is obvious. Until now I have been using homekit for my home automation needs but recently I started playing with home-assistant and I love it :slight_smile:

I have been thinking into migrating my homekit devices to home-assistant and exposing them from there to homekit, however, I’d like to keep my cameras under homekit so I can use “homekit’s secure video” (don’t think a camera like a circle 2 would be able to leverage such service under home-assistant). The issue with keeping the camera under homekit is that I won’t be able to use its motion sensor as a trigger for home-assistant automations. So my question is as follows; can I create a dummy switch or sensor under home-assistant that I can expose to homekit so homekit can signal home-assistant that the motion sensor in the camera changed state? Is there any other better way?