Dummy switches / Scenes

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out whether this is doable or not.
Can I somehow create some dummy switches or drop-down menues that then runs a scene and sets the light as desired?

Why not just activate the scene directly?

Anyway… if you create an input_boolean and then an automation to trigger when that turns on or off it will work

Hey David,

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it very well.
Unfortunately I am quite new to this HA and I’m coming from openHAB. In openhab I have been used to set up a dummy item called scenario and then on my ui made a drop down with values 1 to 4, which then triggers a rule and sets, let’s say living room lamp 10% and change color to red & Turn On LED behind TV.

So based on the user selection I have made some values which I find suitable for ex. Movies, Dinner, Party and Cleaning.

So I’m not sure I follow what you mean with the scene directly?
Can you provide me with an example perhaps?

Here is a sample of my scene.yaml file:

# Lounge Light Scenes 
- name: Lounge 100
      state: on
      transition: 2
      brightness_pct: 100
      kelvin: 3100
- name: Lounge Normal
      state: on
      transition: 2
      brightness_pct: 75
      kelvin: 3100
- name: Lounge Movie
      state: on
      transition: 2
      brightness_pct: 30
      rgb_color: [0,0,255]
# Bedtime Scenes
- name: Bedtime
      state: on
      transition: 2
      brightness_pct: 75
      kelvin: 3100
      state: on
      state: on

Then in Lovelace I have:

      - id: 3c60d589967d4e9f8b749e33a83965fd
        type: entities
        title: Scenes
          - scene.bedtime
          - scene.dining_daylight
          - scene.dining_normal
          - scene.dining_warm
          - scene.lounge_100
          - scene.lounge_daylight
          - scene.lounge_movie
          - scene.lounge_normal
          - scene.lounge_warm
          - scene.office_all
          - scene.office_daylight
          - scene.office_main
          - scene.office_warm
          - scene.desk_daylight
          - scene.desk_normal
          - scene.desk_warm

Which displays like this on the Lovelace view:

So I can just activate the scene directly.

OR I can use voice control… Hey Google, Activate xxxxxx


David’s way is definitely something 100% doable.

You might be looking for Input Select though. I use it for my “Modes” at home; Home, Away, Night, Evening. I then have an Automation run based on each “Mode”/Selection. My “Modes” get complicated since they need additional Input Booleans for certain things to run or not run and to do Voice Activation.

For your case though, an Input Select should do you just fine.

Did you set up google voice the “hard” way or do you just use the cloud?

Yes I think I understand this as well. I don’t have anything complicated yet, but I might get back to you on this one!

Thanks to both of you!

I set up my own Google App via the ‘hard’ way when it really was a hard way (when it first came out it was WAY more complex than it is now)

Hey David,

The id you have in your lovelave, where do you get that from?

EDIT: Never mind - got it working :slight_smile:


The ID is auto generated in 0.81.1 although I think the rolled that change back in 0.81.2 temporarily as people were angry about the change. It’s just a random unique ID - it will be coming back as it’s part of making lovelace editable via a GUI.