Duplicate Automation Button

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I would love the ability to clone an automation. Often I’ll setup something for a few devices and then need something slightly different for another device. I know I can copy/paste in yaml but a GUI button would be handy.

Yes very much please. Countless times have I had a use for this!

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Would love it if you could find an automation that you have already built and be able to copy/clone it and just change one or two actions and save it as a new automation for example.

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+1 on cloning, I now usually have 2 or 3 tabs open (states, a working automation and a new automation).
If I could clone the working automation, that’s one less thing to copy paste in the UI.


Ive just started using node red and there is a way to export and import via copy paste. (Please don’t tell me we can already do that with yaml!!) An import button that allows you to copy from the forum and paste into the import box would be beautiful!

That’s a good idea. Assuming that I understand you correctly, this could be implemented by having an option to switch the whole automation editor between YAML and UI mode (like you can do with the individual sections) so you could paste the YAML for an automation (copied from the forums, etc.) and then switch back to the UI mode to make changes.

I also need this feature :star_struck:

Yes it would be a little bit simpler, but going into the automations.yaml isn’t hard as well. Just copy paste and change the id.

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