Duplicate automation

When I’ve created an automation, I sometimes want to use this as a template for another. It would be nice to be allowed to copy the whole thing. Hopefully not a lot of work either?

I’m guessing your using the automation editor on the front end?

This is super easy to do if you create them manually, literally cut and paste and change a few values.

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The webUI, yes

Hope that this enhancement could be added.

I think in order to make this work each automation will need to be a file. Not a big deal to change but would need to be system default.

Sorry, did you not understand silvrr’s response above ?

Yeah, sounds good, doesn’t work. I also would appreciate a button for cloning. When I clone a automation, this automation doesn’t show up in the GUI. So please give us a button! I’ve always to reload the automations in Configuration/Server Controlls/Reload Automations/

It can’t be that hard for you coding guys…

It does not show up because cutting and pasting is not enough. You need to change the I’d to something unique.

And yet @silvrr, @francisp and I (on this thread alone) think it does.

This is also not true, it depends on your config, but most people get by quite well with one file for all automations. But as Francis points out, they have to be unique.