Duplicate automations, scripts, scenes for faster building (UI)

As the title says, I think this would be a nice feature.
I know you could copy paste yaml configuration but from the UI there is no option yet.

Use case:

Build automations, scripts and scenes faster

does really nobody know how to do this? o.o

Automations, scripts, and scenes all have a duplicate function available in the menu at the top right of the page when you are in the UI editor. Additionally, you can download or build blueprints for automations.

I would argue if you can/need duplicate an automation then you could just make it perform the other task also with a choose or similar.

I don’t think the choose existed when this request was posted.

so when you want to build automation for IR remotes i need to duplicate the script so i can than edit the duplicate which saves me around 1 minute for each command.
And no i cant combine them because i need to call them separately in different scenarios and combinations.

Creating around 70 scripts even with blueprints is really time consuming. a simple duplicate would cut this time alot.

@Didgeridrew i think i am blind. in the top right i only have a filter option and the help?. i even ctrl+f to search for a duplicate function.

took me ages to realize you have to open the original first to get the hamburger menu - that is no intuitive at all o.o

I’m fairly sure you can combine them in to one.
Post it as a question and we can have a look at it.