Duplicate/Clone a dashboard

Useful when you want to start a new dashboard but want to use an existing one as a starting point instead of recreating it all over again.

It’s a bit more work than a simple button click, but you can copy/paste an entire dashboard using the Edit Dashboard > Raw Configuration editor in the menu.

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Ah, I didn’t think of that. Thanks

Yea that is a way. But its still a fair ask IMO. Don’t forget to vote or your own FR btw

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My Raw Configuration just shows a blank screen. I am having no luck seeing any YAML codes or editors in my setup (Raspberry Pi 4B running HAOS). I decided to do a new install and start from the beginning again but am having the same issue. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

This is pretty tricky on mobile.

Unlike most other YAML views, this one shows the code for every single dashboard on one screen, rather than just the code for the current dashboard. This wouldn’t be so bad but there is no search function available in the mobile app. This means that you have to spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling to find the right one to copy and paste.

And actually, even once I found it, it was very difficult on Android to select the amount of lines required for a single dashboard. The grips at the beginning and end of the text kept disappearing and clicking on the text to try to make them appear again would typically scroll back to the top of the selection, making it hard to expand the selection to the last line of the section.

Long story short, this functionality could be improved and I would definitely support the original feature request.

FWIW, copy/paste in the raw config editor doesn’t work in the HA app (2023.7 (2023.471)) on MacOS. So the lack of a duplicate command is a pain.
I managed to do it through the browser, though.

Such as basic feature that needs to implemented for ease of use. These workarounds are too cumbersome to use each time.

Another option is to have duplicate button for a individual View pages so you can easily import to another View.

Let’s hope this gets implemented sooner rather than later.

I was surprised this wasn’t a feature already and found my way here. Just thought I’d drop a warning for those who use the workaround of editing the raw dashboard yaml:

If you directly copy and paste an entire view’s yaml, make sure you change the “title” and “path” attributes (usually the first two in the yaml) for the newly copied view. Otherwise, the GUI gets really confused because both views have the same path. Thankfully fixing this issue is as easy as editing the dashboard’s raw yaml again.