Duplicate device after power outage

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Greetings! This is my first post to this forum. I just started with HA, currently a small setup to test things before I implement a lot of automation for my new house which is currently being build.

My issue:
I have a Qubino mini dimmer added to my zwave network, gave it and some entities a friendly name and did some automations with it. Worked fine.

After a power outage the dimmer was added to HA again but with it’s original name while the friendly name version is also still there. I configured everything via the UI but now I can’t change anything on that device since the UI complains about duplicate IDs.

In core.device_registry and core.entity_registry I see there’s no duplicates (all ‘unfriendly’ names). When I search for my friendly name in all config files it’s only in home-assistant_v2.db

What’s the best way to fix this?
I’m running 0.110.4


Did some more investigations, opened the .db file but that looks only to be used by event logging. Where/how is the mapping between device name and friendly name done? I see the friendly name in the UI but can’t find any file in the config dir with the mapping between the two !?

Are you using the (old) built-in Z-Wave configuration or started with the OZW (Open Z-Wave) beta? Did you set the friendly name on the device and renamed the entity IDs? Are some of the entities removable (maybe after a reboot)?

Hi Rick,

Started with the new GUI Zwave setup using the same build as I am still using, there’s nothing on this in my configuration.yaml.

I set the friendly names via the GUI (think where it says “Name override”) and also changed the entity names to be a bit shorter (but leaving the first part before the dot). Can not really check that in the GUI since it’s says that due to duplicate IDs it can’t be managed by the GUI.

I’ve rebooted HA and now the duplicate entry is gone, think I did that already but apparently not. Seems the duplicate only existed in memory hence I couldn’t find anything on disk.

The current entry left is the one with the ‘not friendly’ name as used when the device registers itself for the first time. How this came to be and why the original entry was not kept and used when the device came online again is unknown. One would expect there’s some kind of unique hardware ID with zwave devices like a Mac address for ethernet cards.