Duplicate entities for MQTT and other integrations

Hi everyone,

there were some changes to the MQTT naming in the past (see topic #1 and issue #2, #3).

Now I have duplicate entities for the MQTT and other integrations like here:

I’m not able to delete these entities and can not find any solution in the linked topics above.

Did anyone else experience the same issue and if so, how did you solve that?

I’m using the latest versions of Z2M (1.39.0), Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT (2.0.18) and Home Assistant (2024.6.4).

Best regards

If you go into the broker with MQTT Explorer you can remove the entities there.

Troubleshooting MQTT? MQTT-Explorer can help you be successful!

If you have Addons available, try adding this Addon repository to your Addon list. GitHub - GollumDom/addon-repository.

I downloaded MQTT Explorer and looked through all topics but everything looks fine. I also have no duplicate devices in Z2M so the duplication must lie in Home Assistant.

Strange thing:
light.dz_licht_2 is integration mqtt, but light.dz_light is integration light