Duplicate entries in HomeKit Controller - unable to remove

My setup - RaspberryPi 4B + SSD
Home Assistant Core +Supervisor 2022.5.0
Home Assistant OS 7.6 Kernel version 5.10.103-v8 Agent version 1.2.1
HACS Meross Integration v1.2.1

I was testing using a Flic button using flicd add-on as a possible replacement for my Aqara one and the button is set to run a sequence to stop or start a few sockets in couple of Meross power strips depending on # of button presses.
I’m not sure what happened, but first test seemed to “spam” the automatons which caused the power strips to turn off/on/off very quickly.

This caused the power strips to reset themselves as they were grayed out in HA as well as the Meross app and and as a result I had to re-join them to my LAN using the app.
As soon as I re-added them to the LAN, they were functional in the Meross app again and HA showed “new devices have been descovered”. So far so good.
However, once added they were still unavailable in HA.

Looking at the HomeKit Controller in the config page I can see duplicate entries for the 2 strips that were re-joined.
Logs also report the problem with duplicates detected. Example:

Platform homekit_controller does not generate unique IDs. ID homekit-290d75211101463-12 already exists - ignoring switch.mss425f_xxx

What I’d like to do is delete them all to trigger them to be discovered fresh, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this? I looked around the files in File Editor, but couldn’t find files that defined the devices.

Any help would be appreciated.

In case anyone else has this and stumbles across it in a search…

In the end I disabled the entities as there’s no option to delete them and the “Remove” option doesn’t do anything with them. I then removed the HACS Meross Integration and instead installed the HACS Meross LAN instead.

Pretty straightforward to set up and spent the night reconfiguring all my sockets over to the new entities that created. All sockets and automations working properly in HA once more.
The old ones are still there, but they aren’t in the way any more.