Duplicate iOS Devices

Hi all,

I seem to be getting two entries created when using the Mobile App integration.
Is this normal?

The first entry seems to state details about the device - there are no sensors. The second entry has all the sensors as expected.
I’m on Home Assistant v0.102.3, latest mobile app.

Device info
Here are all the details of your device.
iPad Mini (5th generation)
by Apple
Firmware: 13.1.1

Any ideas?

No idea. But you are not alone. I experience the same thing.

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Seems normal to me… I have 8 iOS devices that all have the same thing…

That’s a known issue. It’s only cosmetic and I believe a fix is being worked on. But as it doesn’t actually impact anything it doesn’t really matter.

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as olbjan mentioned it is only cosmetic
but if you want to fix it here is a workaround. but be very careful with this

Issue is here https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/30457

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What about the weird entries in zones in the iOS app? They are all a variation/duplication on the device tracker name. Same location. I get dozens of them and have no idea where to delete them… I get inundated with notifications on the app and it’s driving me nuts. I posted this in another thread with no response.

I finally figured our what us creating all these dupes- OwnTracks. It created a new device tracker for every letter in each device name of my iphone. Very strange.

After untold hours of trial and error, I finally got an iBeacon to trigger using just the ha iOS app, and was able to remove the Owntracks integration and app and the dozens of tracker entries disappeared along with it.