Duplicates when reconnecting the z-stick if its named with customization

If I disconnect the z-stick from the raspberry pi 3(RP3) to add a device to the network and reconnect the z-stick to the RP3, the same z-stick is detected as a new by hassio along with the one I had previously named. So now I have 2 nodes for the same z-stick.
I have previously added several devices to the network and it would seem that all the entities previously added by the z-stick still stick(no pun intended) around with the “Sleeping (Probe)” status, at the same time being discovered as new ones. Seems like if the z-stick is duplicated by hassio, so will all the devices paired before.

Any way to avoid things like this from happening?
Can’t a z-wave device be identified and named by a unique id, like MAC -addresses or something?

This is the 3rd time I try starting from scratch by resetting all my devices including my RP3 because the mess caused makes impossible to continue configuring.