Dupont connectors

First time working with Dupont connectors and I want to know the best way to connect them to the pin-outs on my development board. I’ve soldered the terminal strips to the boards and have noticed some of the Dupont connectors are a bit loose when pushed down onto the pin-outs. Do I try and crimp the Dupont connector etc. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Best advice I can give is to buy some quality dupont female connectors and you usually wont have that problem.


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I absolutely would not suggest sitting there crimping that small of wire and the laege number youd need to crimp, just inorder to have a small selection.

Buy more of them and/or buy better quality ones. The other options are make your own out of solid core wire. You coild even just buy esp breakout boards and use any old scrap of wire to make temporary connections.

I use Dupont’s only for testing / prototyping, then solder the connections for permanent use. I just solder wires directly to the header pins. Easy and works well.

Soldering wires directly to header pins is very easy, youve got a point there. The problem with doing that is it becomes a nightmare to fix or modify/add components later on and “finished” projects tend to look like something your 5 year old would make at school in art class, they’re an awful looking eyesore.

I’ve been using these lately to test and then solder directly in the hole thingo when I’m all pin assigned and tested.

That’s been working well.

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
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Thanks to all for the response.

Now all you need is some duck tape and you can tape it to your wall.

I have duct tape but I usually just use blutack or 3M removable strips if I want to fix a bare esp to the wall.