Duratech plp-rem integration

Hi there,

I haven’t found any duratech pool led lights integration for Home Assistant, so here is my approach:

Duratech has several Link controllers for their pool led portfolio (I have Moonlight leds, so only on/off, sync and change color program functionality available - check the compatibility list for your Led lights and Duratech controller at your PLP-REM user manual). I had basic PL-REM without possibility for external connection, but RF controller instead. For HA integration purposes I switched to PLP-REM (PLP-REM 300 should be similar) with RS485 connection port.

To connect to HA i bought Elfin EW11 Wifi->RS485 controller and configured it as follows at RS485 side:
Serial port settings-> 9600/8/1/None

and at ETH side:
Communication settings-> netp, TCP Server, 8899 port, 1024 buffer size, 60 sec keep alive

The wiring for RS485 (blue/white wires) is at picture below:

You have to use external power supply for elfin ew 11 (white/orange wires) to work properly.

The last step was the following configuration at the HA side:

  - switch:
      name: pool_light
      command_on: echo -n "PL1" | nc 192.168.1.xx 8899
      command_off: echo -n "PL0" | nc 192.168.1.xx 8899
      unique_id: Pool Light
  - switch:
      name: pool_light_next_program
      command_on: echo -n "PsU" | nc 192.168.1.xx 8899
      unique_id: Pool light next progam
  - switch:
      name: pool_light_sync
      command_on: echo -n "PsS" | nc 192.168.1.xx 8899
      unique_id: Pool light synchronize

where 192.168.1.xx is you elfin EW11 IP address.

Those switch commands before are for the led lights on/off, sync the lights (if you have more than one, it happened it unsyncs and starts with different color for each light) and switch to the next color program.

To populate the switch to the HA frontend UI, you have to change the entity type (Settings → Devices → Helpers → create helper → change device type):

Find your switch and change type to the “light” type.

Now you can find it at the HA frontend.

I Hope it will help someone.