Dusun "DSGW-210-HA" Zigbee, Thread, Z-Wave, and BLE gateway appliance pre-installed with Home Assistant?

Has anyone tested this “Dusun DSGW-210-HA” SBC-appliance for running Home Assistant or HAOS?

Dusun/Roombanker offer this a white-label product for rebranding so if hardware is good enough then perhaps Nabu Casa could rebrand it as a “Home Assistant Yellow Lite” model if it can run HA OS? :wink:

Update: Jeedom SAS has rebranded/customized a variant of this and is reselling it as “Jeedom Luna”:

Additional product links and documentation:

FCC report:

UPDATE: Dunsun community forum seems to contain more development documentation than what they are currently providing publicly on their public websites and they look to answer direct questions:

Also, if look at their webpage for SoM Development boards see ​DSOM-010R use the same RK3328 SoC and it has a little technical details as well:

Anyway, “Dunsun DSGW-210-HA” is apparently a variant in their Dunson DSGW-210 series (presumably a variant of “Model: DSGW-210-F-1”) by DusunIoT and Hangzhou Roombanker Technology, who seems to be a relatively large Chinese ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturer that is even a member of the CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance).

It is based on the Rockchip RK3328 SoC and basic specifications is a 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core CPU running at 1.5GHz), with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB eMMC flash storage + IoT radios.

This “Dunson DSGW-210-HA” model comes with Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 radio module for Zigbee (EFR32MG1B232F256GM32), ZGM130S Z-Wave 700 series radio module (ZGM130S037HGN), EFR32BG22 radio module for Bluetooth BLE (EFR32BG21A020F768IM32), WiFi(RTL8821CS/6221A), 100Mbps Ethernet via RJ-45, a USB 2.0 port, as well as an SD-card slot, but it is unclear if it could be capable of actually running “Home Assistant Operating System” (formerly “HassOS”) or just generic rockchip-linux builds of Debian and Ubuntu distros of Linux for ARM64 with a Home Assistant Supervised installation on top of that (which is less than ideal for Linux beginners)?

Looks to currently ship pre-installed with generic Debian 11 for ARM 64-bit (with Ubuntu 20.04 and Yocto 4.0 being available for download as alternative options?) and the Home Assistant application started headless automatically (Home Assistant Supervised installation?), and “buildroot” also look to be available, so surprisingly it sounds like this appliance could be a relatively open hardware platform as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in this case have purposely designed this a white-label product meant for rebranding by third-party companies.

This appliance is meant to be an inexpensive all-in-one alternative to a Raspberry Pi 4 single-board-computer. Looking at the SBC hardware the “Dunson DSGW-210-HA” has somewhat similar SoC specifications to the ASUS Tinker Board S (and Nabu Casa officially support Home Assistant OS on the ASUS Tinker Board S today).

Currently only looks to be sold in bulk as made-to-order on Alibaba directly from factory manufacturer (meaning is meant only to be to resellers and not meant to be directly sold in single units directly to end-users, and judging by their pricing they do not seem to be interested to sell less than 200 units in a lot):

DusunIoT YouTube channel has these videos which look promising if it also runs Home Assistant OS:

Pictures with specification overview:


PS: I’m not looking to buy this for myself but rather looking for cheaper alternatives to recommend to friends and family members who might be willing to look at Home Assistant on the cheap.

Hmm - some weird pricing going on - Aliexpress is an outrageous $580 Australian, Alibaba is $118 - more reasonable for what you get.

Alibaba is mostly designed for distributors, wholesalers, and resellers to buy in bulk for resale, but they sometimes do offer to sell items separately directly to individuals as samples. Many sellers on Aliexpress buy their stock from Alibaba in bulk and then they sell and ship them as individual items.

If you can not find the item on Aliexpress then that probably means that no resellers have bought them yet, and the reason for that could be anything from poor advertisement, low-stock, or no clear demand.

I could not either find a proper item offer on Aliexpress.

Yeah - they will do a minimum order of 1 for this on Alibaba…

This is the Aliexpress listing I found:


Just a tiny bit overpriced at this point :joy:

As mentioned I can currently only find it directly from Dusun/Roombanker on Alibaba (not Aliexpress) which is really meant for distributors for resellers or those wanting to customize logo and packaging:



Apparently @baldfox tested a pre-production sample of this product for pre-review more than a year ago (29/04/2022), though seeing as the product actually did not look to have been properly launched and advertised until more recently we can perhaps assume that his test was a little outdated, especially how much the installation process of Home Assistant itself has matured a lot since then:

However, if it does not come with Home Assistant Operating System and instead only Debian + Home Assistant Supervised then this commend from his assessments could still stand for new end-users:

I don’t want to be too hard on Dusun. I think there was probably a disconnect in communication. It feels to me that this product is probably suitable for business to business, and not business to consumer. If I need to compile anything other than a youtube playlist, then it’s going to be a no from me. That’s not to say that one of the devs out there couldn’t take hold of this and exploit it to its full potential, but as far as ‘off the shelf’ goes, absolutely not.

Personally, I am looking for something like the Home Assistant Yellow but less expensive yet still comes complete with a Zigbee radio (and Z-Wave), which can be recommended to others because it is and will work out-of-the-box, but it really needs to come with Home Assistant Operating System pre-installed and not a other custom Linux distribution and Home Assistant Supervised as that will be too much for new users to maintain.

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FYI, looks like Jeedom SAS team has rebranded another model and is reselling it as “Jeedom Luna”:



While not directly related to Home Assistant, found a French review with much more hardware details about their “Jeedom Luna” model which they sell as a custom appliance based on “Dusun DSGW-210-D-1” (a variant of “Dusun DSGW-210”) shipping with Jeedom home automation software pre-installed:

Jeedom Luna scrutinized - Haade.fr (English version of review on Nico on Haade blog)

Jeedom Luna passé au crible - Haade.fr (French version of review on Nico on Haade blog)

That “Dusun DSGW-210-D-1” model looks to have a Mini-PCI Express card slot(?) to be used for 4G LTE or LoRaWAN mPCIe card + a 6000mAh Lithium battery backup (like a built-in UPS power-supply).

FYI, if search for “dusun home assistant” now on AliExpress you find these starting to arrive there:


It’s new so still high price considering wholesale price on Alibaba but maybe low enough for developers.

Could even find this one store listing DSGW-210-HA on AliExpress as low as $98 with free shipping:



Hopefully price on more stores will go down later if it continues to cost around $75 in bulk on Alibaba.

Off-topic but FYI; in slightly related news, an official “Home Assistant Green” hardware appliance based on some variant of the Rockchip RK3566 SoC was just announced by Nabu Casa. Rockchip RK3566 CPU is slightly faster however they did not include any built-in radios for wireless IoT devices:

FYI, I have not seen/heard any updates, however, noticed that they have apparently released an updated version of the “DSGW-210” called “DSGW-230”, but the only difference I could specifically find is Gigabit/1Gbps instead of 100Mbps Ethernet, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) support, LoRa SX1302 IoT radio for LoRaWAN, LTE CAT1 radio and Dual Micro SIM card slots, 5000mAH Lithium backup battery, as well as having a different enclosure/case that is designed to mount on the wall or ceiling, so probably not really in sweet spot in terms of specifications compared to the above “DSGW-210-HA” model:

They have also announced a way more expensive model called “DSGW-290” (DSGW-290-S1DB) that also features; RK3568 SoC, 8GB DDR4 memory, 64GB eMMC flash storage, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) support, two USB 3.0 ports, as well as all the IoT radios as the others:

@Dusun_IoT Are there any news on HAOS support or “DSGW-210-HA” availability in single units?

By coincident a tech blogger CNXSoft has received and reviewed a development board from Dunsun, in that blog post he mentioned current lack of documentation but Dusun told him they are working on it::

Publicly available documentation for the DSOM-020R PX30 Development Board is rather limited because Dusun IoT mostly provides support via an online community where FAEs help answer various questions and support requests that users may have. This is fine for professional users developing commercial products, but this may still be frustrating to some. The good news is that Dusun IoT is working on replacing its Google Docs-based documentation with a proper online wiki and GitHub account that should have more details. We’ll provide a link to the new development resources once available

Check out that whole blog article on CNX-Software here:

So apparently Dunsun have used their community forum to deal with questions on a case-by-case basis instead of publishing all the documentation in a public repository for easier access and maintenance:

Yes, our R&D team is working on the OS update. We will complete the OS update in November or December.

Our new Wiki Center & Github will also be completed in November or December for easier access to online documentation and tools.

@Dusun_IoT OK, however I think that you need to understand product like Dusun “DSGW-210-HA” to succeed it really needs to run Home Assistant Operating System and not just a generic Linux distro with the Home Assistant Container running on top of it, as most the main target audience of people who would buy such a product will not probably be able to maintain i by themselves long-term, at least not without a larger community behind it and a project need to be much open and public to even have a chance of happening. Realistically I believe that you do yourself a disservice not getting Home Assistant Operating System ported to the Dusun “DSGW-210-HA”, as Dunsun as a company will risk losing the community’s trust if you can not keep up with the development of a the latest generic Linux distribution and all the needed dependencies.

Hi everyone, DSGW-210-HA has upgraded Debian 12 OS, for more details and the image resource, please visit - DSGW-210-HA Home Assistant IoT Gateway Operating System Upgrade to Debian 12 - Announcements & Guides - DusunIoT Community - IoT Hardware Devices & Solution Vendor

@Dusun_IoT suggest that you instead follow darkxst’s development approach for Sonoff iHost for the better option of porting Home Assistant Operating System → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/sonoff-ihost-smart-home-hub-computer-from-itead-can-it-be-hacked-to-run-home-assistant-os-with-bluetooth-thread-matter-and-zha-integrations/545962/

Hi community brand new here,
Got a DSGW-210-F-1 as a gift. Was having trouble reaching the homeassistant onboarding wizard, so ssh into to the debian host, apparently HA been set to a dot 10 subnet. What’s more concerning is in the process list ps -aux, the device pings baidu :angry: So just what data being harvested?

Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 17.35.20

I agree with Hedda, @Dusun_IoT in order to make it easy for HA community, having HAOS running on it natively would be the best option, such as with HA Yellow, or green, hardware wise it looks to me it checks all the boxes and then some. I am a buyer of at least 10 units if I can run HAOS natively.

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