Dutch Hass discord


I have seen that there are a number of Dutch and Belgians who use Hass.
I have just confirmed a disagreement for people from the Netherlands and Belgium where everyone can raise their tips & tricks, questions and the like.

Those who are interested are welcome in the discord server, hopefully we can further develop it into a close-knit and concrete community for Dutch-speaking Hass users.


Hi! Please note, that this community is English only. We do not allow posts in other languages. Please adjust your post.

PS: There are some Dutch Discord servers around already. For example: https://discord.gg/Ee5X7T7

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Also (as Dutch person) not sure why people try to deviate from english.
This one seems more active despite the ‘dwains’ background

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Oh here is another one, from Smart Home Junkie: https://discord.gg/4mrGvdJATH