DVR (Analog+IP cameras) and Home Assistant connection

Hello, buddies,

I am thinking about some functionality to HomeAssistant related to video capturing.
Before, I have used HomeAssistant as a trigger for simple commands (turn on/off relay based on triggers such as sensors or time).

This should be video surveillance connected to Home Assistant.

At the moment I have:

  • an analog camera at the entrance to the building (Analog camera 1). It is setted-up by the building owner and I can’t change it to IP. I have a coaxial cable inside my room.

I would like to:

  • buy and install a few more cameras at my floor (IP camera 1 and 2)
  • buy and install DVR (digital video recording) system which supports both Analog and IP cameras

My desire functionality is:

  • video recording 24/7 for all the cameras, by DVR;
  • possibility to view the video stream from any camera through HomeAssistant interface (from my phones/laptop);
  • sending the short video and/or screenshot to Telegram bot based on some triggers (e.g. door sensor is ON etc).

I have put everything that I have and that I want to the piece of paper. The blue color is what I have, the red - what I want to add.

Could you say me, that I need to take into considerations while planning architecture of the system? E.g. DVR should support something, the camera should stream into… Any points will be valuable for me as I am starting from scratch.

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First thing that I have found is that it would be good if DVR supports RTSP

looking further. ANy comments, advices appreciated.

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This is worth a look before you commit to laying down dollars (so are his other videos on camera selection):