Dwains Dashboard - 1 CLICK install Dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile - V3.1.0

same here :frowning:

There is a fix on github, only review should be done.
For me it’s working


how do you handle the naming of Entities?
The difficulty that I see is the fact that we have two logical structures:

  • by area
  • by entity type

If I name an Entity “Livingroom Ambiente Light” then the “Livingroom” is redundant in the “By-Area” view.
But if I call it “Ambiente Light”, it is good in the “By-Area” view, but in the “by entity type”-view, then I have many “Ambiente Lights” but I do not know which of the many “Ambiente Lights” and do not know, which one is which.

How do you handle it?

I think, ideal would be if in the “by entity type” the Room would be automatically be prefixed.