Dynamic attachments for Android

iOS users can use dynamic attachments with the iOS app.
I want that for the android app as well. Could be really nice to directly show camera feed in notifications.

Or as a minimum, the possibility to directly start the camera feed inside the app from a notification.

  1. Create a hidden tab on your lovelace dashboard with a live_view picture_entity card and set to panel mode.
  2. send the notification including a clickAction link to the hidden tab:
            - service: notify.all_mobile
                title: "Title"
                message: "Message"
                  clickAction: "/lovelace/pathtotab"
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a lot of these simply cannot be done on android we had this request before and had to close them as a result. You can’t expect the 2 platforms to be identical with all features unfortunately. Just look at the sensor list and you can see how different they are.

I dont expect that they are identical, but tought maybe nobody has implemented it till now.
Or android developed further so that it is possible now.

If it is not possible, then this request can be closed.

It is working, thank you. Not the best solution compared to iOS, but better then nothing.