Dynamic Configuration Changes

Hi Folks,

This question may not belong here (if so, I apologize in advance), and is more of a general Architecture/Roadmap question but…

Can anyone comment, whether or not, it is in plan (or out of scope) to enable real-time Configuration changes for the Home Assistant platform?

Dynamically Create, Update, Delete (CUD) without requiring a system restart?

Again, I apologize if this question is off-topic (or “sensitive”) - it’s not meant to be derogatory.

There is this: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/91250324 that’s probably the closest.

But a hass restart isn’t that bad imo, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

Thanks for the reply and link @Christoph-Wagner — much appreciated!

Since this “unscheduled idea” was very recently added/updated by @balloob I’ll speculate that it’s a long way off.

Too bad this wasn’t “baked in” from the start.
This project has come a long way, and has great potential.
But, the longer it goes, the harder it will be to implement.

My 2 cents (for the record)…

Every Home Automation Device / Hub I use (e.g. Sonos, Hue, Nest, Plex, Harmony / Indigo, Vera, Fibaro, HomeKit) has this capability (to some extent).

I can’t imaging needing to “reboot” every time I add/remove/rename/etc. a Sonos/Hue/Nest device.
Or, create/update/delete a “trigger/action/scene/etc.” or “group/tab/zone/room/etc.”
Seems fundamental, but I’m sure not easy to pull off.

Thanks again!

If it’s really an issue for you, then use the linux command watch to execute a restart when config files are updated? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion @fearoffish! I’ll give that a try (for test/dev purposes).

For real-world usability, it’s not really a solution though.

Thanks again.

Not that big a deal but as a data point it takes me about 30-40 seconds to restart fully with around 20 zwave devices.

Yeah, I’m looking at playing with 2 HA instances for exactly this reason. I’ll put all the z-wave pieces on a slave so the master can reboot at speed. I just need to find time! :-/