Dynamic Lux Level Automation

I’m wondering if anyone can help with pointing me in the right direction for some guidance on setting lights to come on at a specific light level dependent on the lux level of the room.

So basically, I want the room to always be lit at 14000lx if there is motion using a Hue motion sensor as the trigger. Another condition would be if there is presence in the home (no point having the lights come on for the cat!!). I’m assuming if the ambient room lux level is, eg 7000lx, the lights would need to be at 7000lx but if the ambient room lux was 10000lx the lights would need to be at 4000?

I’m not sure how to get this coded.

Apologies if this has been done to death but I’ve found many threads on this subject in this forum and most a very specific and I think I’m looking for something more generic.

That’s pretty bright inside a room I would say :rofl: do you have lux sensors set up already? Mine report around 400lx when my office room is bright enough to not turn on the lights.

Also you cant turn on your light at xxx lx. Your light will only affect the lux reading from the sensor a tiny bit.

I can recommend the circadian lighting custom component, combined with a lux sensor as a minimum threshold.

Ok thanks. I was a bit confused as to which the correct lighting value was on the states in dev tools (screenshot).

I’ll take a look at Circadian and see how I get on with that. Thanks.

What kind of device is this?

From your screenshot, your lux value is 32.84 (which seems like a reasonable value) and not 15165. This high value is the lightlevel from which the lux value is derived.

It’s a Hue indoor motion sensor. I was looking at the lightlevel value as is seen that referenced in a few threads but I’m guessing I need to refer to the lower value as in state?

It’s easier to work with the lower state as rhis state is in lux and you don’t need to make any conversion then.
Otherwise if you want to set a threshold for e.g. 100 lx, you’d need to vonvert it to lightlevel first to compare it against the high value.

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Okay, thank you.