Dynamic MQTT state_topic

I manually configured MQTT sensors within the mqtt-section e.g. this way:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: ist_reading
    state_topic: ist/5678/reading

Unfortunately the number within the topic is changing from time to time AND this number is used in many mqtt-sensors.
So I added a number helper this way:

    initial: 5678
    step: 1
    mode: box

  - platform: mqtt
    name: ist_reading
    state_topic: ist/{{states(input_number.topic_number)|int}}/reading

But then, after reloading HA-config, the sensor gets unknown.

What is wrong?
It would be no problem for me that I have to reload the config after an topic_number-change.
Is there any other way to modify the topic number within my configuration (e.g. with env-variable) without copy&replacing the number within the config.

Bye, Alex

state_topic doesn’t support a template.

MQTT supports single and multi-level wildcards so you can use a single-level wildcard like this:

state_topic: ist/+/reading

The + character matches any value. If you don’t want any value but only one specific value, that you change occasionally via an Input Number, then I don’t believe that’s possible.


Thank you Taras! Your wildcard-workaround works perfectly for me.

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You’re welcome!

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