Dynamic scheduler for smart plug on lovelace

We have all seen the on/off and scheduling that are available for smart plugs provided in standard apps by the different manufacturers. A simple on or off or alternatively the possibility of creating a schedule, very simple, very dynamic. I am having great difficulties trying to replicate a similar routine on Lovelace. The new Schedule routine in Helpers is great but it is static. Would very much appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Not looking for a custom solution but I would be grateful for a strategy of how to put together a Lovelace card.

No it isn’t. You can edit it from the frontend.

Or you could it it wasn’t currently suffering from a myriad of teething issues.


It would be nice to have a frontend card for this though. I’ve opened a frontend feature request. Vote for it if you like: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/discussions/13873


Do you by chance have your thermostat configuration shared somewhere? Would be interested in knowing the usage of these settings, to check if these would make sense in my use case also.

Thanks in advance.

It’s explained here: Using the new Weekly Schedule helper to control temperature? - #2 by tom_l

I’ve actually split the door/window left open out into their own automations now but it should give you the idea.

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