Dynamic text widget

There seems to be no widget that can display text dynamically. I want to put some text on the HADashboard from an input_datetime in combination with an input_text. Does anybody know if that is possible? Of if there is an existing solution for this?

Not that I know of, but you could always set up a template sensor in Home Asssistant and combine the two entities in the template to get the text that you want and then display the template sensor in HADashboard. https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sensor.template/

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Ah yes thanks, that would help me somewhat. Though i had hoped for that the text could have some dynamic assignment to the widget. Like text to title, or multiline text from different inputs in the text area (like in a label widget)

Like the markdown card?

at the moment such things are not possible.
at the moment the apps part from Appdaemon is onder construction.
after the beta release from AD 4.0 (which will come in a short time) we will make great changes to dashboard and a lot more will be possible afterwards.

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Awesome, i can’t wait :slight_smile: