Dynamic widget dimensions by User Agent String

I have 2 differenr screen size android tablets (7" and “10”) and my dashboard config has top, middle and bottom areas.

The problem is when I config all dashboard’s widget dimensions for a tablet, dashboards not fit to other tablet’s screen.

Is it possible to set widget dimensions by User Agent String or any other tricks?

The workaround is creating each dashboard for both tablets. (like main7.dash, main10.dash, top7.yaml, top10.yaml etc) But its not feasible, If I change any widget settings in my HA, needs to be change both dashboard config too.

Any idea?

I think maybe the way to fix this would be to allow the widget dimensions to be set in the URL - not currently possible but could be done.

i think you can create 1 dashboard and then several general settings like this:

lets say you have a main dash without all general settings saved as yaml

title: 7 inch dash
widget_dimensions: [90, 90]
widget_size: [1, 1]
widget_margins: [5, 5]
columns: 8
rows: 50

  - include: main
title: 10 inch dash
widget_dimensions: [120, 120]
widget_size: [1, 1]
widget_margins: [10, 10]
columns: 8
rows: 50

  - include: main

now you can do anything to the main dashboard and it will effect the dashboards for both sizes.
all you need to do is create 2 extra files for each dashboard but only 1 time and you can copy paste the settings.

It’s like working. However, there is a series of navigation buttons under each dashboard. Main Panel, Living Room, Lights, Others etc. Each dashboard has top-middle-bottom fields. Pressing the buttons in the bottom section changes the dashboard. In this case, I will have to prepare 7 “and 10” pages for each dashboard again. :thinking:

its very hard to create something for 10 inch and 7 inch at the same time.
its also very rare, because most people have dashboards dedicated to the place.
i dont need to be able to do everything i can do on the attic also available in my livingroom or bedroom.

and in my case i wouldnt want a dashboard designed for 10 inch on a 7 inch tablet. all buttons would be to small. and if i design it for 7 inch and use it on a 10 inch i would just not optimise my dashboard.

but you could also work the other way around.
find and use an app that zooms the page on 1 of the both to the wanted level.

by the way, you only need 2 navigate sections. and i guess that you wont change that much.

In fact, my goal is to be able to use two old tablets in different rooms. Instead of buying two new tablets.
I think it makes sense to create different dashboards for each tablet.
I tried to use the zoom feature, but the display proportions of the tablets are not the same.

Perhaps later on, the dynamic scaling feature will depend on the screen size. :slight_smile:

with 2 different display proportions you will never be able to make 1 dashboard that displays nice on both dashboards.

that would be like looking at a 16:9 film on a 4:3 screen