Dynamically selecting sensor value based on availability of remote home assistant sensor

I figured I’d share here since I couldn’t find it documented anywhere in my google searching. But I was able to make ESPHome fallback to a local temperature sensor instead of using a home assistant provided sensor using a template sensor with the following code where active_temp is a value that either contains the home assistant value if available or the local value if not. I haven’t tested without home assistant online yet, but with unplugging the mbr_temp sensor remotely I can confirm it switches back and forth!

The lambda of the active_temp sensor is doing all the heavy lifting, the isnan function is checking to see if it is not a number, as that’s what it returns once it becomes unavailable, if it’s not a number then it changes the value to the fallback sensor.

  - platform: homeassistant
    id: remote_temp
    entity_id: sensor.remote_sensor_temperature
      - lambda: return (x - 32) *(5.0/9.0);
  - platform: dallas
    address: <address>
    name: "Utility Room Temperature"
    id: utility_room_temp
  - platform: template
    name: "Active Furnace Input Temp"
    id: active_temp
    lambda: |-
      if (isnan(id(remote_temp).state)){
        return id(utility_room_temp).state;
      } else {
        return id(remote_temp).state;
    update_interval: 20s

I’m using this for a fully local thermostat on the esp that has the temperature sourced remotely. But I’ve had issues where home assistant locks up and then causes the A/C or the Heater to hang on or not turn on and I needed a fallback that was local to the ESP.

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this doesnt seem to work when home assistant goes offline…
have any solutions for that?
it seems to also only work when you reboot the device otherwise it doesn’t refresh