DynDNS with NGINX and Strato vs. DuckDNS addon

Hi Everyone,

I am currently using DuckDNS as an addon to connect to my Home Assistant installation. I want to get rid of it.

At the same time I am using a domain hosted by Strato and their DynDNS service in combination with NGINX. I use this for Nextclound and other services. I am able to access Home Assistant via the URL I provided.

However: as soon as I try to login (with 2FA) I am prompted with this.

Sometime I also get a notification on a failed login. Any suggestions? I also tried to set the NGINX provided domain in “Settings” → “Network”. But no luck. Any suggestions?


Noone is having the same problem?

Did you configure NGINX to proxy both http(s) and websockets ?

Thats my config.