Dyson Air Quality Levels

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I am trying to set up a custom chart card for my Dyson fans where the colour changes according to the air quality levels (as it does in the Dyson app). I am wondering if anyone has found where those thresholds between levels are listed?

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I had the same idea as you and suceed to implement it with Custom:Bar-Card
The result is good except that apparently, the COV value is not getting from the FAN the correct information (it sems that the COV is getting the same value as the Air Qaulity Index)
In my example below, you can see that my Air Quality Index = 5 (quite Good) and that COV is also at 5.
I notice than when Quality goes up to 6 for example, COV also get value 6 !
On the screenshot below you can see that my COV = 5 where in reality my actual COV=0 (on my Phone Dyson App for example).
If the Developer, could have a look on this that would be great
Note : I have checked my Sensor Template and they are correctly assigned.
If I use the HA Developer Tool to check States of that device, you can see that COV = 5 and Air Quality = 5 also



Strange my NO2 climb a lot in the past few minutes without any reason because when I check on the Iphone Dyson APP, the actual NO2 = 0
This allows me to see that finally the Air Quality value simply follow the biggest Number of all the Attributes (it was my COV before and now it’s the NO2), so the Air Quality value is taking now the value of the NO2

I really don’t understand why the NO2 value climb like this without real reason…


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Hi @isaste,
Does the NO2 climb as you turn on your Dyson Heater?
My NO2 climbs when I turn on the heater and them stabilises after a few minutes. Generally NO2 is created during a combustion phase of heating. So I also thought this was strange with our system.

I also thought that it might be caused from a humidifier that was near the system.

I found this thread after looking for the same information. It would be great to understand how the color codes match up to numeric data.

In the Dyson app, click on a value and you get info about scale color values.

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