Dyson fan night mode?

I’ve got the Dyson fan component setup and added it to a simple scene to turn the fan on.

What I’d like to do is turn the fan on, set it to night mode, and set a specific speed. I think I’d need a script to accomplish that but does the Dyson component officially accept a night mode change ? There was some discussion about some not so well documented features that got checked in including setting night mode but I haven’t figured them out. Anyone else have one of these setup with a script ?

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Did you ever manage to find a solution to night mode? I’ve two Cool Link fans and neither have the night-mode controls available in HASS (but they do in Homebridge).

No, unfortunately I haven’t - we have the fan in our bedroom too so night mode is a big deal.

There’s a service for dyson night mode “dyson.set_night_mode”

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Yes and that works now.