Dyson integration model HP04, no climate entity

I need help with 2 Dyson Purifiers, configured in my instance of Home Assistant.
The two different models, one HP04 and one HP02 seems to working ok, but, when I started configuring custom cards for both, I noticed the HP04 doesn’t have the Climate entity.
I don’t know if it’s normal, without the climate entity I can’t control all the functions of the purifier (I’m trying to create a card similar to the Dyson iOS App)
What’s happening? Thanks

My config is

 username: [email protected]
 password: xxxxxxxxxx
 language: IT
	- device_id: A1A-EU-********.  
	  device_ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
	- device_id: PT4-EU-********
          device_ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
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I’ve had the same issue with my HP04. Fan and sensors work but no climate entity, so no ability to control heating function of the device. I’ve opened an issue on Github here against the integration.

Did you ever manage to get this working?

Hi Oman,
nope problem still present

Ok I have good news @gnammyx - I got this working. Turns out @etheralm finished this for the Dyson component some time ago, but didn’t get a chance to write tests and submit a pull request to the dev branch. See here.

This is how to get it working until it has been officially added and approved to the Dyson component, though bear in mind this method is a little hacky and may not be full-proof.

  1. Remove any existing dyson: configuration from your configuration.yaml file

  2. Restart HA

  3. Download @etheralm’s fork with that includes the fix here

  4. If you don’t have one already, create a new directory in your config directory called custom_components

  5. Navigate to homeassistant > components and copy the folder called dyson from the downloaded folder of @etheralm’s fork

  6. Paste this into your custom_components directory

  7. Re-add your dyson: configuration to your configuration.yaml file

  8. Restart HA

And voila, the climate component should now be working. Big thanks to @etheralm for fixing this

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Well done, thanks Oman, the solution works, this is what I see in the climate entity


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