Dyson Integrations does not support CN after every upgrade

I saw it in dyson’s init file using libpurecool and the API address of this library does not contain CN in the current home assistant version(I used 0.107 ~ 0.110).

libpurecool has a piece of code on GitHub that solves the problem:

DYSON_API_URL = "appapi.cp.dyson.com"
DYSON_API_URL_CN = "appapi.cp.dyson.cn"

if country == "CN":
            self._dyson_api_url = DYSON_API_URL_CN
            self._dyson_api_url = DYSON_API_URL

I tried to write this in local environment to fix the problem

But every time after upgrading the home assistant will be invalid. Whether to consider adding this update or is there any other way to solve it